不使用静态库,而直接将链接静态库的object,报undefined reference的问题
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发布时间:2022-7-27 站点:Inside Linux Development

有3个源文件,a.c b.c d.c,编译成目标文件a.o b.o d.o,编译成静态库libxxx.a。


$ cc -o main main.c libxxx.a


$ cc -o main main.c a.o b.o d.o

wrs_assistant.c:(.text+0x280): undefined reference to `ev_timer_start'

当然实际的例子里面,不是a.c b.c d.c。上面为了简化使用简单的例子。






Typically, on the linker command line, you will specify a set of object modules (that has been previously compiled) and then a list of libraries, including the Standard C Library. The linker takes the set of object modules that you specify on the command line and links them together. Afterwards there will probably be a set of "undefined references". A reference is essentially a function call. An undefined reference is a function call, with no defined function to match the call.

The linker will then go through the libraries, in order, to match the undefined references with function definitions that are found in the libraries. If it finds the function that matches the call, the linker will then link in the object module in which the function is located. This part is important: the linker links in THE ENTIRE OBJECT MODULE in which the function is located. Remember, the linker knows nothing about the functions internal to an object module, other than symbol names (such as function names). The smallest unit the linker works with is object modules.


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